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CORD bags,

Locally crafted in Rotterdam, the CORD bags are handmade using sturdy leftover fabrics. Each bag is made to order, allowing the purchaser to choose their preferred colours, material and haberdashery.

The CORD bag project explores how designer and consumer can collaborate on a durable product lifespan by emphasizing their shared responsibility for the product. The designer takes responsibility for the optimal design, functionality, conscious material choice and production. Upon purchase, the buyer commits to actively caring for the bag throughout its lifespan, cleaning, repairing, and, when the time comes, finding it a new home. The designer facilitates this commitment by offering repair services or advice on how to repair when damage occurs. This close-knit collaboration and ongoing dialogue about the product aim to cultivate awareness of its value, fostering a culture that extends the lifespan of products and materials.

Currently, no new orders are being taken.

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