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CORD bags,

CORD bags are practical everyday bags that help you carry your important things on the go.

Note: Currently I do not take any new CORD bag orders.

The CORD bags are hand made in Rotterdam using sturdy leftover fabrics. Production is small scale and on demand, so your bag will be made just for you after you have placed your order. You can customize your CORD bag by choosing from selected cords and cord locks. All bag colours are limited, due to the use of leftover fabrics.

Product specs

The CORD bags are available in four colours: dark brown, cool grey, purple (all matte faux leather) and orange (glossy vinyl). Just as the outer fabrics, the interlining of the CORD bags is made of leftover scrap materials. The cords are made of nylon and polyester, and you can choose from metal (silver or gold coloured) or plastic (semi-transparent) cord locks. Using the cord locks, you can easily adjust the shoulder strap to a length of anywhere between 50 cm and 130 cm. All bags have a zipper closure and two inner pockets, to help you keep things safe and organised. The inside of the CORD bags is lined with a virgin 100% cotton. All haberdashery, including zippers, cords, cord locks and shoulder straps, are virgin materials. They are selected carefully in order for you to enjoy them as long as possible.

Size of the CORD bag is 24 x 5 x 19 cm (length x width x height).

Want to collaborate with me on a durable product lifespan? When you purchase a CORD bag, I would like to give you an active role of user and owner, rather than the passive role of consumer. I am taking the role of the designer, the maker and the seller myself, and with that, I’m keeping oversight of the process from first concept to end product. As this end product will now be yours, you will be receiving some of the responsibilities over the product and its lifespan. But don’t worry, I will aim to keep the communication between us as easy and accessible as possible, so I will definitely help you. Below, you can read more about the responsibilities that I have taken, and the things that you can do to optimize your CORD bag’s lifespan.

By taking the role of the designer, maker and seller, I have taken responsibility for - 

  1. the optimal design of a bag with optimal functionality and durability. I also aimed at creating a product that is of added personal value for you.

  2. the optimal, responsible production. This also includes offering transparency in the use of materials.

  3. the optimal service and support. I will help you by offering advice and/or repairs, when your CORD bag gets damaged.


As the buyer, user and owner I trust you to take your responsibilities. These include -

  1. conscious use of the product.

  2. taking action when the product gets damaged. This action may include contacting me, to ask for advice or help.

  3. taking proper action when the product is not loved or treasured by you anymore. This could be finding a new user/owner or donating the CORD bag back to me, so that materials and parts can be reused or disposed of properly. When you choose to donate back the bag, you do not qualify for a refund.

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