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Nicky Vollebregt is a hands-on textile, object and product designer fascinated by technique, material and texture. Within her process, she is led by crafts and textile techniques in finding new shapes and surfaces. Delving into these techniques and challenging their possibilities and limits, she explores structure, colour and pattern. A love for making and an eagerness to experiment lie at the root of Nicky’s work.


Nicky graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, in 2020, establishing Studio Nicky Vollebregt soon after in 2021. Graduation project Uncover - a collection of handwoven textiles that over time start to show the traces of their use by changing colour and revealing patterns - captures the philosophy of the studio very well: The story of an object, both of its making process as well as of its lifespan together make up the object’s character and uniqueness.

Being an advocate of the importance of emotional sustainability, Nicky is co-founder of a community surrounding this topic and through this, co-commissioner of a research project focussing on the subject. Translating this back to the studio’s applied work, concepts of storytelling, co-creation, material interaction and transformation are being explored, striving to encourage personal connection between object and owner. Nicky’s primarily handmade objects embrace imperfection as a unique trait, visualising the story of their creation and aiming to capture the joy that went into creating each individual piece.

Studio Nicky Vollebregt is based in De Wasserij in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.



ART[s] Gallery Simone Jansen, Noordwijk


may 27 - 28 2023

The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam

"The Future Classics"


from may 2023


OBJECT 2023, Rotterdam


10 - 12 feb 2023

Dutch Design Week 2022, Eindhoven

Isola Design Gallery


22 - 30 oct 2022

Design Fair, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

"Young Design Section"


may 1st 202

Dutch Design Week 2020, virtual exhibition


oct 2020

Dutch Design Week 2020, Eindhoven

Dutch Invertuals Academy


oct 2020

WdKA Graduation Show, virtual exhibition


jul 2020 - mar 2021

Dutch Design Week 2018, Eindhoven

"Design to Quit"

WdKA and Pharos Health Institute

oct 2018

education + internships

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

BA Product Design, 2016-2020

Adrianus Kundert, Rotterdam

Internship, 2019

Elvis Wesley, Rotterdam

Internship, 2019


WdKA Bachelor Research Award 2020


Drempelprijs Autonomous Practices 2020


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