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Creative Connectors, community and research project

2022 ------ ongoing

How can designers contribute to long lifespans of their designs, and create objects that are treasured and loved for a long time? This question lies at the base of the community Creative Connectors, established in 2022. Studio Nicky Vollebregt is one of the initiators and part of the community.

In the field of design, our efforts have long been directed towards minimizing resource consumption and embracing material reuse. Yet, in today's design landscape, there is a growing emphasis on emotional sustainability: reducing consumption and the waste of resources by improving the relationships between consumers and products. However, shared knowledge on how to effectively enhance the product lifespan and proof of the effectiveness of our methods is currently still lacking. This is why Creative Connectors, a small community of designers and other professionals interested in emotional sustainability, has commissioned the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) Science Shop to carry out scientific research into the theme.


The research that is currently being conducted will examine how designers, manufacturers and producers can can motivate consumers to develop an emotional relationship with their products in an economically viable way, with the ultimate goal to increase the lifespan of products.

Interested? You can read more about the research project on the WUR website. Want to know more about our community? Feel free to send a message.

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