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OLEGI is the follow-up collection of the HIGHLIGHT series: a collection of sculptural objects made of handwoven textiles that play with colour, light and perspective. This textural material tells the story of a curiosity driven making process, a passion for experiment and craft, and an ever-evolving interaction between maker and technique. Using a hand weaving loom, the textiles emerge from an exploration of its potential, focusing on color, contrast, and light interaction. Hand-manipulated, the OLEGI sculptures take shape through careful pinching and draping around a metal wiring structure, creating dynamic vessel-like forms.

With their plump body and bold and contrasting surface, the OLEGI acquire a creature-like appearance reminiscent of sea anemones inhabiting the ocean floor. In this underwater realm, the absence of light and the movement of water distorts the view and morphs the OLEGI’s silhouettes, blowing up and stretching out their proportions into wondrous and unusual shapes. Upon close inspection, the sculptures unveil an imperfect surface with a handmade nature. Yet, when viewed from a distance, the surface undergoes a mesmerising transformation, appearing to glitch and morph into a luminous and almost simulated image.

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