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------ 2022

The HIGHLIGHT series is a collection of sculptural objects made with handwoven lenticular textiles, creating experimental surfaces that play with colour, light and perspective - up close showing the imperfections of the handmade while, from afar, giving the impression of a rendered image.

At the heart of the HIGHLIGHT series lies a passion for process, experiment and craft, as well as a fascination with the handweaving loom. The traditional and analog loom provides a framework and environment which can be easily controlled and modified. Nicky has been experimenting with this tool for several years now, examining its limits and possibilities. During this process she developed a rhythmic weaving process to create textured and colourful HIGHLIGHT textiles.


In search of shape, Nicky manipulates and forms the textiles by hand, playing with pleats and perspective, which emphasises their visual effects. The manual development process of each of the objects includes a study into colour, contrast and shape, and their interaction with light and perspective. The series shows a variety of bold colour combinations and contrasting textures which give the objects their depth and dimension. From up close, the imperfect surface reveals the objects’ handmade nature. From afar, a slightly morphing and glitching visual effect appears that can be reminiscent of a rendered image.

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