The HIGHLIGHT series is a series of wall panels and 3D vessels that are made using the same handwoven material. Colourful, lenticular textiles form vivid, wave-like surfaces that reflect different colours from every angle. Moving around the HIGHLIGHT series provides the observer with the illusion of a permanently glitching and morphing surface. The panels can be hung on a wall while the vessels can be placed in the middle of a room as free standing sculptures. 


HIGHLIGHT originated from a fascination with the simple and straight-forward hand weaving loom: this traditional and analog device provides a framework and environment which can be easily controlled and modified. The HIGHLIGHT textiles, with their highly textured surface, are the product of a fully manual and rhythmic weaving process. Post weaving, the textiles are shaped onto panels of varying sizes in order to create the HIGHLIGHT wall panels, as well as wrapped around 3D shapes, creating the sculptural and colourful HIGHLIGHT vessels. The visual effects of the textiles are strongly emphasised by the waves and pleads created in these shaping processes.


Due to the fact that the labour-intensive weaving process cannot be automated by the use of a mechanical loom, the HIGHLIGHT works are all unique pieces. The imperfect surface reflects the handmade and experimental nature of the textiles, while surprisingly and perhaps unexpectedly, their glitching and morphing visual effect gives the impression of a digital render at times.